What tennis tournaments learn from the Laver Cup?

On all these questions, many people wonder: So what do the other tennis tournaments learn from the Laver Cup?

First of all, the Laver Cup is a tournament proving that the traditional and modern features in tennis can still go hand in hand. This tournament still welcomes the legendary players, using the same format of play as many other major tennis tournaments. New in the Laver Cup is the use of the tie-break series organizers to reach the 10th mark, as well as the encouragement of the coaches or the fans to express their feelings, instead of keeping order absolutely during the match.

Another notable detail is that the Laver Cup can completely attract the audience with some impressive clips. For example, two years ago, the video of the match between Federer and Nadal drew a significant amount of Internet tracking. Obviously tennis needs to learn how to manipulate the stars to increase viewership.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Laver Cup

In addition, Laver Cup points out tennis is not only attractive in individual content. Singles tournaments have long dominated the tennis industry. This is undisputed because tennis is in fact an individual sport. On the other hand, many tennis players still want to play as a member of a tennis team. Up to the present time, only the Davis Cup tennis tournament is the best playground for players who like collective spirit, want to devote to a shirt, a tennis team. Having gathered the players under one team, the next step could be finding ways to persuade the WTA to find a way to bring top female players to a tournament like this. It is entirely possible that doubles matches will be held for each pair consisting of a male and a female tennis player. This will promote the cheerleading staff in the stands including beautiful female cheerleaders.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Laver Cup

Most importantly, Laver Cup brings an exciting atmosphere in the matches. That’s not often seen in major tennis tournaments, where players have to gather on the field for hours on end. It will be worth the wait to see the emotions of the players being spread through each moment of the game, instead of having to wait until a check is over or even when the game is completed.

There is only one big question: Can the Laver Cup be maintained, even if Roger Federer hangs the racket? Only time can tell. The Swiss tennis player himself did not hide his desire to extend his playing career in the felt ball village. Regardless of Federer’s ability to extend his career, he deserves credit for helping to create a new tournament like the Laver Cup.