Since time immemorial, art has been part of human life. For a very long period, art has served as a universal language in which aesthetics and beauty take prevalence; it has been a means of expression too. Fine art, as a form of art, exists in several different ways. Below are the most notable ones.


People’s ability to design 3D forms and shapes has been there right from ancient times. Today, sculptures are still a primary form of art. Sculpture involves assembling, casting, moulding and carving etc., using any type of material, as long as such elements can be tweaked into the desired artwork.


This is perhaps the first of all forms of fine art. The existence of monumental structures, such as the Parthenon, is a testament to the fact that architecture is as old as humanity.


This is one of the most popular arts. It involves creating beautiful sounds using instruments, such as drums, trumpets, pianos, accordions and guitars, among others. Since its existence, music has been part of humanity, and it is one of the best-paid careers in the world.


When fine art is mentioned, painting is perhaps what comes to our minds, more than any other form. In fact, some people think that fine art is all about painting. From antiquity, painting has been used to capture reality and for purposes of expression.


Dance is an aesthetic way of expression that goes hand in hand with music. It involves aligning body movements to a musical rhythm. Besides expression, dance is used for social and spiritual connections.


No list of fine arts would be complete without literature. This form of art uses words to create. Over time, writing has offered an invaluable contribution to our lives. We have seen literary authors and pieces, which are, in themselves, a beautiful work of art.