Realistic paintings by artist Monica Lee

When you look at the work of artist Monica Lee, you can think that these are photos edited with black and white effect. However, they are really very detailed and vivid hand-drawn drawings.

“I have worked for an advertising agency for many years as a photography artist”, said the Malaysian artist. A few years ago, I started thinking about what I really wanted to do in my life. I want a less stressful and flexible job because I spend too much time in the office. This made me rethink my career and focus on my personal interests, which is drawing”.

Monica only uses charcoal and pencil in her drawings. Monica was interested in painting as a child but she felt that she did not have the skills to pursue a career as an artist, which is why she chose to study advertising. “I really don’t think I’m good compared to the people around me. I feel like I am always passionate, but lacking in talent. Maybe I didn’t focus on it, or really knew what I should draw. It is only at the age of experience that passion arises and I know I can become an artist”.

So how did Monica learn to draw when she was so busy with advertising and thought she lacked talent?

“Instagram!”. She answered with a smile.

“I follow a number of artists on Instagram, learn from their videos and techniques. With social networks growing today, we can learn a lot. I am grateful to the artists who have shared it with everyone so amateur painters like me can learn and improve their skills”.

Most of her works describe nature and wildlife, and these are her favorite topics. She takes photographs to inspire herself, and often projects small details to create impressive effects. “I find wildlife very interesting, their unique characteristics are very detailed and different. Drawing rhinos is really difficult for me because of the details in their lines and skin color, and it took me a long time to finish the drawing”.

What Monica likes best about drawing is the process of creating a painting. She said: “I really feel relaxed and helpful. Completing a drawing can take a long time because I’m a perfectionist. I am very patient with the details, it may take me more than 3 months to complete a drawing, but the result is well worth what I take care of”.