MU: Will Rashford become the leader of MU’s public goods?

Romelu Lukaku will leave Manchester United this summer to join Inter. The time has come for Marcus Rashford to become the Red Devils leader.

There is one of Rashford’s biggest goals this season: Become MU’s number one goalscorer. It is not merely the role of a player who will have an official position on the attack, with the position of a striker instead of being repeatedly kicked, but also because he will be in charge of the role. the game of the leader.

But in order to succeed in the Premier League, the strikers need to know how to score continuously, with at least 20 goals in each season. Last year, Rashford played 10 games in the forward position and 22 in the middle. But he only has 13 goals in every arena. A number is considered to be limited.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MU: Will Rashford become the leader of MU's public goods?

Wanting to touch the milestone of 20 goals in a harsh playing field like Premier League is not easy, especially for a player who has to play in many different positions like Rashford. However, Rashford’s stability can be assessed at the number of goals in three consecutive seasons he plays for United’s first team (11, 13 and 13 respectively). This is an important base for him to set a goal of 20 goals this season.

To get 20 goals, many experts said it was time for Rashford to play with his forte. At the age of 21, the English player has all the skills to play as a number 9, meaning a true striker.

He moves very poorly. He has speed, greatness in quick counter-situations. Leaving good points with both legs, good combat and teamwork is not bad. From a striker lacking in strength and limitations on bodybuilding, Rashford now has developed and improved all. He has clever moves, has powerful soccer situations. Those are the best qualities Rashford has.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the one who knows Rashford’s strengths best. Buying a winger like Daniel James to MU is also a move for him to find more partners on the attack for Rashford. For players like James, Rashford will have more space on the attack line to show the instinct of an assassin.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MU: Will Rashford become the leader of MU's public goods?

Rashford’s success would be higher if he had the highest backing from midfield. Ander Herrera left MU. So is Paul Pogba. Creativity from MU’s midfield will be reduced in the context of Rashford needing more lines from the downline. Buying good midfielders will be Solskjaer’s top mission if he wants to activate the bomb named Rashford.

In addition to this objective factor, Rashford himself will have to improve himself. Last year, he missed out on good food opportunities and couldn’t help MU win. That’s what Rashford needs to avoid repeating when entering the new season.

According to some sources, Solskjaer agreed to Romelo Lukaku to Inter this summer. Thus, MU will only have one striker who can be a striker, Rashford (in case they do not buy more strikers). Obviously, Solskjaer had a route to bring Rashford to become the Red Devils‘ leader.

To become the leader of a team is not really easy, especially the team is MU. But for Rashford, it will be a challenge and a great motivation to make him one of the best strikers in the world.