Member Bon Jovi had Covid-19

Singer Kanika Kapoor has been criticized by the public for still attending parties after returning from the UK, which can affect many people.

Information of singer Kanika Kapoor infected with Covid-19 caused a stir among Indian public opinion. Beautiful people are caught in the wave of criticism when allegedly having a deceitful attitude, failing to accurately declare the moving schedule.

According to Hindustantimes, Kanika Kapoor took a flight from London (UK) to Mumbai (India) on March 9, but skipped medical examination. After completing her work in Mumbai, she moved to Lucknow and Kanpur, respectively, to attend the events.

Sources said that the singer had contact with hundreds of people, including many politicians and celebrities. These people have been quarantined and tested for Covid-19.

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According to information updated on March 22, Kanika Kapoor met close to 56 people in a cozy home party on March 13. 11 of these 56 people tested and were lucky to get negative results.

Facing the wave of intense criticism of public opinion, claiming that she was irresponsible, Kanika spoke out. The singer confirmed that when she arrived in Lucknow City on March 11, the government had not notified foreign tourists about the quarantine. Therefore, she did not follow.

Kanika Kapoor was born in 1978, famous for the song Baby Doll. She was the first Bollywood star to be positive for Covid-19.

In addition to Kanika Kapoor, new international stars who have confirmed positive for Covid-19 include actress Debi Mazar, actress wife Idris Elba – Sabrina Dhowre-Elba and David Bryan, member of Bon Jovi.

On his personal page, David Bryan said he quarantined for a week after becoming infected with the disease. In addition, group member Bon Jovi called on the community to be fearless and to help each other to fight off the disease.

Actor Idris Elba – Sabrina shared the infection after caring for her husband. However, she did not experience the usual symptoms as recommended.

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For Debi Mazar, the 56-year-old actor announced he was sick on his personal page. Currently, she isolate and treat at home. Her husband and two daughters also isolated themselves, even though no signs of illness.

Recently, international beauty forums also posted information that Ms. Julia Morley – President of Miss World contest was positive for Covid-19. Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh and other beauties in close contact with her are also being monitored health. However, the official page of Miss World has not posted this information.