FIFA officially sued Platini and Blatter to court for money

FIFA officially sued Platini and Blatter to court for money. FIFA said it officially filed a lawsuit in Switzerland to force Michel Platini to return the $ 2 million he received under the reign of former president Sepp Blatter.

FIFA banned 6-year-old Platini (then reduced to 4 years) in 2015 – a time when the French football legend was holding the FIFA vice president and president of UEFA, over the shady payment he received. The scandal led to Mr Platini losing the opportunity to run for FIFA president to replace Blatter, who was also banned for eight years in connection with the scandal.

Huyền thoại Platini sẽ phải hầu tòa vụ nhận 2 triệu USD mờ ám từ FIFA /// AFP

In a report released by AFP last week, FIFA said it would take legal action by the end of this year to “recover illegal payments” from Blatter to Platini in 2011. The organization confirmed on December 16, that it submitted the proceedings. “This is in line with a recent unanimous resolution adopted by the FIFA governing body, which emphasizes that FIFA is obligated to try to recover the money a former official has illegally paid”, FIFA said in a statement.

“The Swiss Federal Supreme Court also confirmed that this $2 million gift would be considered an inappropriate payment. If the withdrawal is successful, the money (along with the interest) will be transferred completely back into the development of football, which is where it should have been used from the beginning”, FIFA added.

FIFA chính thức kiện Platini và Blatter ra tòa để đòi tiền - ảnh 1

According to the investigation, the money on Blatter authorized Platini payment with content to pay advice to the French player. The Swiss government began investigating the shady money in 2015, before FIFA excluded Platini from office, and Mr. Blatter had to resign. Platini’s ban was due to expire last month, but the former official is now facing a case of helping Qatar “buy” the right to host the 2022 World Cup, testify in a corruption case involving the 2022 World Cup.