Famous Celebrity Fathers and Sons in Hollywood

John David Washington, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaden Smith or Scott Eastwood are all the sons of powerful Hollywood actors.

John David Washington is a notable name when starring in the blockbuster Tenet. After the success of the film directed by Christopher Nolan, the actor continued to accept the participation in the Malcolm & Marie project. Fans expect the 36-year-old actor to flash after this movie. John David Washington is the son of the legendary Denzel Washington, a two-time Oscar winner.

In an interview with Mr Porter, he said he is proud but often hides that he is Denzel Washington’s son. Many times he had to lie to his father as a worker, even saying he was in jail to get normal treatment. He also worries about being compared and being said to rely on his famous father to work his career.

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith, a four-time Grammy Award-winning star. Starting at the age of 8, the boy was expected to become a star of the new generation. Jaden is also a rare child star praised by Jackie Chan when filming martial arts. Variety once called the boy born in 1998 a perfect copy of Will Smith when he could do well as a singer, actor.

Among the children of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick was praised by the media for his outstanding appearance and a more successful career than his siblings. Currently, he is an actor known through films such as Midnight Sun, Go North, Daniel Isn’t Real, etc. In the year 2021, he returned with two projects Moxie and Echo Boombers.

Patrick Schwarzenegger is better known when he dated Miley Cyrus. During the time of love, they were praised for being beautiful. She also frequents her boyfriend’s house. They loved each other for a few months, then broke up because Cyrus discovered a lover kissing a strange girl. Currently, movie star Daniel Isn’t Real is dating model Abby Champion.

Scott Eastwood is the illegitimate son of legendary Clint Eastwood and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves. According to TMZ, he used to do many manual jobs as a worker and a car keeper to maintain his life. Early in his artistic career, he took the nickname Scott Reeves to avoid being talked about by his father. It wasn’t until he starred in Enter Nowhere (2015) that he started to be noticed.