Top 3 most famous art museums in the world

The English have a proverb of a picture that is worth a thousand words, so how valuable a place is to become an art museum like the Sistine Chapel that contains a treasure trove of artists’ masterpieces like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, …? A visit to the museum will be an opportunity for you to
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The Rogers Cup will be the first title Serena Williams gave her daughter?

Serena Williams has not won a single title since motherhood in September 2017. Needless to say, the 37-year-old American tennis player desperately wanted the trophy in Toronto to give his 2-year-old daughter Alexis Ohanian. Hope to have the second consecutive title in Canada by Rafael Nadal bright and bright after the Spanish tennis player reached
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The Premier League is officially available on YouTube

During the Premier League season 2019/20 only less than 3 days will officially start, global football fans continue to receive more good news from the most attractive tournament in the world. In less than 3 days, the Premier League season will officially kick off with a confrontation between Liverpool defender and rookie Norwich. Right now,
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Carlsen won the Croatian Super Tour championship 2019

The Norwegian chess king had the eighth consecutive championship after reaching eight points through 11 games in Zagreb. Magnus Carlsen (Elo 2.875) takes the white position, taking Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (2,779) in the last game on July 7. The French player chose Grunfeld’s defence but was gradually overwhelmed and lost after 37 moves. “Vachier-Lagrave used to
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Lewis Hamilton officially became the richest racer in the F1 history, surpassing the legendary Michael Schumacher

Starting F1 racing career in 2007, the Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has now reached total assets of nearly $ 500 million. Although not break the record world champion Michael Schumacher’s seven times, but Lewis Hamilton of the remuneration earned by racing to Formula 1 has surpassed the most famous racers of all time. Based
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MU: Will Rashford become the leader of MU’s public goods?

Romelu Lukaku will leave Manchester United this summer to join Inter. The time has come for Marcus Rashford to become the Red Devils leader. There is one of Rashford’s biggest goals this season: Become MU’s number one goalscorer. It is not merely the role of a player who will have an official position on the
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7 Arts Form And Lots Of Contrary Views

The 7th art everyone knows is cinema, but what about 6 art in front of cinema? The question may sound very simple, but if you go and find out, you will be surprised because it has so many views and different and even different sort order. If to bring the subject “The correct list of
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Did you know about unique graffiti artists of Africa?

First appearing on the streets of New York in the 1970s, graffiti found its way to Africa in the 1980s. Here, this art form was received with a vibrant community with artists who are full of enthusiasm. However, they do not get the attention of many media outlets or have many opportunities to become representatives
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