Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream of turning 35

On February 5, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 35th birthday. He is still a ‘scoring machine’ in Turin. And the name CR7 is still a hot topic around the planet.

At 35, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a monument 3 days before his birthday, CR7 has fought for the memorable milestone with a series of 9 consecutive matches scored in Serie A (double against Fiorentina), bringing his total goals in Serie A this season to 19 tables after 19 matches.

However, three days after his 35th birthday, that is, Marca published an article comparing the salary of CR7 and rival Lionel Messi: “Ronaldo is great, but the salary is only half of Messi !”.

Ước mơ tuổi 35 của Cristiano Ronaldo: 7 đứa con và 7 Quả bóng vàng - ảnh 2

In the player career, up to now CR7 has played for 4 different teams including Sporting Lisbon (2002-2003); M.U (2003-2009); Real Madrid (2009-2018) and Juventus (2018-present). The number of appearances he has exceeded 1,000 matches (1,005 matches exactly), scored 722 goals, with 251 assists, and 31 different titles. However, the salary he is receiving at Juventus is 4.9 million euros, only nearly half of Messi (9.1 million euros) received in Barcelona.

And yet, it is likely that next season when Neymar, Kylian Mbappe – the two young stars of PSG club are currently ranked 3rd and 8th in the list of players with the highest salary in the world, Ronaldo must step back. a few more steps.

But money is not a big problem for CR7, 18 years ago and it is still the same. In a statement about his former teammate at United, former striker Dimitar Berbatov said: “Ronaldo said he wanted to play at the highest level when he was 40 years old. I can see he will do it. The quality and determination of Ronaldo is enough to show that he can play well in the next 5 years. Many players can play well when they are 40 years old, one of which is Ryan Giggs. When you play football under the guidance of a good coach and know how to control yourself, it is entirely possible”.

Ước mơ tuổi 35 của Cristiano Ronaldo: 7 đứa con và 7 Quả bóng vàng - ảnh 1

Immediately after Berbatov’s speech, the German TZ page posted the reply of Herbert Hainer – President of Bayern Munich Club: “There is a lot of information appearing in the recent newspapers and it is understandable. However, Ronaldo is too old for us”. We can see this is a rejection of information “Gray Lobster of Bavaria” want to have Cristiano Ronaldo next season. However, it is not easy to get Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature at this time. The side of Juventus club recently set the price for CR7 at about 95 million euros.