Characteristics of the seven basic arts (part 2)


Music is a form of time art with rhythm, rhythm and pitch. Use tools and sentences to express people’s emotional feelings, desired thoughts. Just as painting portrays problems of life, emotions, and people through the lines, music is reflected in words, sounds, and rhythm.

In the melody that will determine a musical work, the remarkable thing is that the music shows the inner person. For music that seeks to reflect a vividly close reflection, it is also a means of expressing life portraits. So vehicles are becoming more and more popular and are the spiritual food of people.


Literature plays an important role in the system of 7 art forms. Because literature is the basis of expression for many other art forms such as theater, music, cinema, etc. Literature is the language or authentically human language built to reflect life.

Authenticate every angle not only about human personality, emotions, social issues. Able to represent a variety and specifically describe people in a profound and sophisticated way. In addition, it is also a way of expressing rich imagination through many famous works. Expressing directly human thinking and also a means of materializing popular thinking.


Theater is the oldest synthetic art of the 7 art forms. It is combined from many different art forms, expressed through acting, theatrical actions, to express the thought, the essence of theatrical works. Actor is the person who shows the intentions of the play, plays an important role in the success or failure of the performance.


Film is a young art form born in the late nineteenth century. Up to the present moment has become the most important form in terms of mass. Meet the aesthetic needs of the times. Film is also a linguistic medium to reflect social problems.

Under the film images, the multi-dimensional space is very diverse and rich. The structure of cinema depends on the script, the montage scene, the whole process to create a good work for life.

The characteristics of the 7 basic art forms have been described in the above article. Thus we can see art associated with human life. And also an indispensable spiritual and material food. Bring a fresh and joyful life.