Characteristics of the seven basic arts (part 1)

The arts were formed and handed down from time immemorial, creating cultures with high values ​​in life. Features 7 of the most popular basic arts. So what are the 7 arts?

Architecture and decoration

Architecture and decoration is the first art form appearing in human history, it has a close relationship with each other. Both have the most obvious pragmatic meanings in the spiritual profession.

For a long time, products are created as structures from houses, to cathedrals. Therefore, decoration as a part of architectural works becomes a unique artistic masterpiece.

Architecture to this day is still a matter of controversy, many argue that it does not belong to art. In terms of function, architecture is practical to satisfy the struggling needs of society. It is an interior decoration in houses, churches, and other large structures. Not only that, architecture is also the aesthetic nature, affecting people’s emotional thoughts.

Decoration is also a type of art that is closely related to architectural works. That’s why the two share an art group together. Decoration embraces both aesthetic and benefits. It is essential that coordinate with motifs and rhythms to create harmony and unity for a work of art.


Sculpture is one of the seven basic art forms. Sculpture belongs to the type of space art, reflecting reality with three-dimensional volumetric space. Humans are the almost unique basic object of sculpture. Due to the circumstances, the way the character acts is based mostly on the human appearance.

Sculptures’ products can be cubic spaces, with different product dimensions. The half-block statue attached to the plane is called the embossed statue, the sculpture can be a round, embossed, engraved statue with many sizes of big and small, decorative statue, portrait.


Painting is the art of flat space, capturing moments of action. However, it has the ability to express the meaning of gestures, reflecting the world in all rich colors. A work that shows insight into many of the problems in our lives. It is a graceful depiction of lines, colors, light and shadows.

Together with the development of the 7 art forms, painting has been raised to a new height. The shaping ability of painting means a lot, expressing thoughts, feelings, being combined into practice such as literature, cinema, and theater.