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True and sufficient definition of Mixed Martial Arts – MMA

MMA has now developed to a new level when the government allowed the establishment of MMA federation. However, because it is still a new sport, MMA still faces many misunderstandings. What is Mixed Martial Arts – MMA? In fact, mixed martial arts (MMA) is a form of athletic competition. The range of MMA allows for a fairly
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Member Bon Jovi had Covid-19

Singer Kanika Kapoor has been criticized by the public for still attending parties after returning from the UK, which can affect many people. Information of singer Kanika Kapoor infected with Covid-19 caused a stir among Indian public opinion. Beautiful people are caught in the wave of criticism when allegedly having a deceitful attitude, failing to
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The Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Italy: Calls to stop Serie A

The Italian Association of Players (AIC) has called for a cessation of football in the country amid the whole area of ​​Lombardy’s planned blockade in an effort to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak. The Italian government had previously decided that all sports leagues would compete behind closed doors until March 4 to prevent the spread of
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FIFA officially sued Platini and Blatter to court for money

FIFA officially sued Platini and Blatter to court for money. FIFA said it officially filed a lawsuit in Switzerland to force Michel Platini to return the $ 2 million he received under the reign of former president Sepp Blatter. FIFA banned 6-year-old Platini (then reduced to 4 years) in 2015 – a time when the
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s dream of turning 35

On February 5, Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated his 35th birthday. He is still a ‘scoring machine’ in Turin. And the name CR7 is still a hot topic around the planet. At 35, Cristiano Ronaldo is still a monument 3 days before his birthday, CR7 has fought for the memorable milestone with a series of 9 consecutive
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What tennis tournaments learn from the Laver Cup?

On all these questions, many people wonder: So what do the other tennis tournaments learn from the Laver Cup? First of all, the Laver Cup is a tournament proving that the traditional and modern features in tennis can still go hand in hand. This tournament still welcomes the legendary players, using the same format of
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Actress Awkwafina received a “British Oscar” nomination

Awkwafina, the Asian-blooded actress who just won the Golden Globe Award on Thursday (US time) continues to be named by the ‘Oscar UK’ Judging Council (BAFTA) in the category of prospective stars. Awkwafina (Nora Lum’s stage name), a female star whose father is of American and Chinese blood, and a Korean immigrant mother, became the
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James Cameron revealed that Avatar 2 would surpass Avengers: Endgame

Blockbuster director Avatar James Cameron predicts the franchise’s reboot movie will likely defeat Avengers: Endgame at the box office. Although the release of Avatar 2 is almost two years away, the work still receives a lot of excitement from the media and audience. When Avatar debuted in 2009, the film became a global craze, maintaining
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Realistic paintings by artist Monica Lee

When you look at the work of artist Monica Lee, you can think that these are photos edited with black and white effect. However, they are really very detailed and vivid hand-drawn drawings. “I have worked for an advertising agency for many years as a photography artist”, said the Malaysian artist. A few years ago,
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BlackJack – Things that players need to know before playing

Blackjack online is a great option suitable for all players. When playing online, you will have the opportunity to access and play for free with virtual chips or play real money games. You can also play online Blackjack games on flash software or download, or even on mobile applications. HISTORY OF BLACKJACK The history of
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