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Review of the movie Ratched: When the devil is in an angel’s disguise

In the movie Ratched, star Sarah Paulson transforms into an ambitious nurse Mildred Ratched, who defies all tricks to be able to rise to the position of authority in a mental hospital. The movie Ratched revolves around the story of the main character – nurse Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson). She possesses a beautiful, gentle appearance,
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Famous Celebrity Fathers and Sons in Hollywood

John David Washington, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaden Smith or Scott Eastwood are all the sons of powerful Hollywood actors. John David Washington is a notable name when starring in the blockbuster Tenet. After the success of the film directed by Christopher Nolan, the actor continued to accept the participation in the Malcolm & Marie project. Fans
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Conceptualism: Cognitive art school

Conceptual art (Conceptualism) is an art movement, in which the concepts or ideas hidden in works are placed above the traditional issues of aesthetics or materials or shaping. The person who first introduced the complete concept of conceptual art, American artist Sol LeWitt, summarized the aspects that make up conceptual art as follows. In Conceptual
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ASEAN 2020: Launching the ‘Konnect ASEAN’ cultural and artistic program

On July 13, the ASEAN Foundation in collaboration with the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund and the ASEAN Secretariat officially launched the ASEAN Konnect cultural and art program. The event is part of the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Partnership. Konnect ASEAN attracts artists and artisans in the region to enhance understanding of ASEAN cultures and create
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Djokovic and the art of controlling tennis balls (part 1)

Novak Djokovic is considered to be the best tennis player in the present, thanks to reflexes, judgment and concentration during the critical moment. Returning is a flashy weapon in tennis. ATP players usually serve the ball with a speed of about 190 km / h, ie 53 m / s. Tennis courts are nearly 24m
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The Silent People: A creepy piece of art found on Google Maps

This is a somewhat intimidating piece of art when hundreds of scarecrows are dressed like real people and stand on a wild field. A strange work of art located on a barren field in rural Finland has recently caught the attention of the online community. Although this is a work that was created a long
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When does a work become art? Would the picture of the Mona Lisa be so expensive if only hung in a warehouse? Why can bananas stick to walls? Those are the questions many people think of when talking about art. And one does not shirk the truth nonetheless: Art exists only when there is an
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True and sufficient definition of Mixed Martial Arts – MMA

MMA has now developed to a new level when the government allowed the establishment of MMA federation. However, because it is still a new sport, MMA still faces many misunderstandings. What is Mixed Martial Arts – MMA? In fact, mixed martial arts (MMA) is a form of athletic competition. The range of MMA allows for a fairly
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Member Bon Jovi had Covid-19

Singer Kanika Kapoor has been criticized by the public for still attending parties after returning from the UK, which can affect many people. Information of singer Kanika Kapoor infected with Covid-19 caused a stir among Indian public opinion. Beautiful people are caught in the wave of criticism when allegedly having a deceitful attitude, failing to
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The Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Italy: Calls to stop Serie A

The Italian Association of Players (AIC) has called for a cessation of football in the country amid the whole area of ​​Lombardy’s planned blockade in an effort to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak. The Italian government had previously decided that all sports leagues would compete behind closed doors until March 4 to prevent the spread of
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