ASEAN 2020: Launching the ‘Konnect ASEAN’ cultural and artistic program

On July 13, the ASEAN Foundation in collaboration with the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund and the ASEAN Secretariat officially launched the ASEAN Konnect cultural and art program.

The event is part of the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-Korea Dialogue Partnership.

Konnect ASEAN attracts artists and artisans in the region to enhance understanding of ASEAN cultures and create ASEAN identity. Program to contribute to the realization of the ASEAN Art and Culture Strategic Plan 2016-2025 adopted at the Senior Officials Meeting in charge of Culture and Arts, as well as the ASEAN-Korea Action Plan National period 2016-2020 through promoting cooperation in this area.

Speaking at the ceremony, Konnect ASEAN Project Director Benjamin Hampe said the initiative provides a comprehensive platform for learning, understanding and discussion through the work of artists, while providing direct support. for artists and artists.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yang Mee Eng, Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation, affirmed that artists can grow stronger together, by becoming part of the wider ASEAN Community, as well as concluding. connect, exchange and learn with Korean colleagues.

For his part, Korean Ambassador to ASEAN Lim Sungnam emphasized, Konnect ASEAN is an interesting program, bringing together promising artists from 10 ASEAN member countries and Korea. Ambassador Lim also wishes to witness the good cooperation between ASEAN and Korean artists in the near future.

Konnect ASEAN will last for 3 years, in which events in 2020 will take place mostly online due to the impact of the pandemic acute respiratory tract Covid-19. It is expected that the online dialogue and online conference “ASEAN KO-mmuniti” will be held in late July and mid-August with the participation of artists and artisans from ASEAN countries. and South Korea to exchange ideas and share creative experience in the context of a pandemic.

In particular, the KO-mmuniti ASEAN Online Conference will bring together a group of artists and educators from ASEAN countries and South Korea to promote artistic activities such as painting, dance, puppetry, filmmaking and many other types of art to a global audience through digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.