Home entertainment is simply how you relax and have fun at home. Unlike in the past, home entertainment is today characterised by television and other gadgets of the modern day technology. Playing virtual games on computers, listening to music, and watching movies all constitute the so-called home entertainment. So are storytelling, card playing, and reading books.

Before the TV Invention

The big TV screens you see today were once not there. So, how was home entertainment without what has become a necessity in almost every household today? Well, people used to create fun by reading stories, singing, and even playing cards. The radio and gramophone inventions in the early 20th century brought a major revolution in home entertainment. With these inventions, people would now listen to programs and music in their homes, the same way we sit in our homes today, with our eyes glued on TVs.

Home Cinema

Everyone likes the sound, look, and excitement of watching movies. An attempt to bring this excitement to one’s home is what is known as home cinema. A basic home cinema kit would include a DVD player, speakers, and a a big television screen. Using a projector and projector screen instead of a TV screen creates an even more cinematic effect.

High-Fidelity Music

High-fidelity music, also known as hi-fi music, is an accurately recorded music that is the carbon copy of the original piece. Hi-fi music was first recorded on vinyl records, then came cassettes before the digital media (MP3 files, MiniDiscs, and CDs) we see today.

Digital Broadcasting

Digital broadcasting came with tons of advantages that the old analog broadcasting could not offer. With the former, the information is compressed to produce high-quality sounds and visuals, and produce more channels. It is this digital technology that makes it possible for radio and TV to be more interactive for listeners and viewers, than it were hitherto.