7 Arts Form And Lots Of Contrary Views

The 7th art everyone knows is cinema, but what about 6 art in front of cinema? The question may sound very simple, but if you go and find out, you will be surprised because it has so many views and different and even different sort order.

If to bring the subject “The correct list of 7 arts”, then perhaps only the two most accurately shaped positions are Literature and Cinema, located in the first place and the last position. of the list.

There are many research works in the world that have been published, with the topic revolving around the view of the list of 7 art forms. But the results are becoming a very controversial issue, even if you are a student of Directing or you are working in the art field, you cannot determine exactly what it includes. What art, what exactly is the name? To clarify the problem please introduce to you, the thesis is based on the research of experts looking at 7 types of art and how to arrange it.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 7 MÔN NGHỆ THUẬT

In the book “Art Classification” of Leningrad Publishing House (1972), the Russian Americanist M. Kagan told that it was the German art researcher Max Dessoir who discovered in the post-Aristote era (The Philosopher In ancient Greek period, people have shaped six different art forms and based on the nature of each type, dividing them into two groups, Static and Dynamic.

Ricciotto Canudo – The father of the phrase “7th art”

Ricciotto Canudo (1879 – 1923) The French writer, poet, writer, researcher and literary art, is considered a pioneer to lay the foundations for Cinematography theory, he is known for his work. The research entitled “The Declaration of the Seven Arts”. In the content of this study Canudo divided into two main arts, Architecture and Music, and each subject will be accompanied by auxiliary arts in the following interpretation: Group 1 includes 3 properties: Space Art, Static Art and Visual Arts. Group 2 includes 3 properties: Time Art, Dynamic Art and Rhythmic Art.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 7 MÔN NGHỆ THUẬT

And Canudo is the first person to use the phrase “The 7th Art” to write about cinema, in the process of studying the nature and relationship of art forms. Although he initially used the 6th art to show cinema when he removed “Poetry” from the list, Canudo brought “Poetry” back and the title of second art in “The Poetry of the 7 Arts”. 7 for official cinema since 1923 and the 7th Art for Cinema has always been a worthy title because cinema is the only art form that can synthesize the properties of 6 arts on one the most perfect way.