4 famous flower arrangement art styles in the world

Do you know of any floral design styles in the world? In this article, we will reveal to you 4 of the most famous art flower arranging styles in the world.


Ikebana flower arranging art is originally from Japan. This flower arrangement is famous for its simplicity and focuses on the lines and harmony in the combination of flowers. Ikebana is a flower arrangement whose main purpose is to entertain. Ikebana flower products are linked by 3 themes: heaven, man and earth.

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English Garden

English Garden flower arrangement is a British flower arrangement. The typical feature of English Garden style is that the flowers are arranged in spiral or ladder shape and use the appropriate flowers for each season. English Garden flower arrangements often use low, or medium-sized flower pots and radiate outward in all directions. The most commonly used flowers are climbing roses, camellia chrysanthemums, gardenia, peony. The branches are often very close together.

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Modern European Style

Modern European flower arrangements are thought to originate in the contemporary period. The flowers are arranged in a straight line with the emphasis being on the main types of flowers and accessories. Modern European flower arrangements create negative spaces and apply the asymmetric flower arrangement principle to flower arrangement. Modern European flower arrangement is in stark contrast to English Garden style.

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Modern European flower arrangements can be easily distinguished from other flower arrangements by looking at the gaps between the flowers in the design. are repeated with great intensity, and the way colors combine between flowers and materials, depending on the experience and creativity of the florist.

Modern European flower arrangements often use unique shaped flowers or tropical flowers such as heaven, orchids, anthurium …

Dutch Style

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Dutch Style flower arrangement also began in the contemporary period and is also preferred to use straight lines in its floral designs. However, Dutch Style flower arrangements use a lot of green leaves and arrange them in a natural way. Dutch Garden flower arrangement style created in the early 80s is a typical representative of Dutch Style flower arrangement.