acrylics - oils

drawing ruins, etc.


life drawing: faces


3D/assemblage/mixed media


I enjoy experimenting with mixed media. The results of which are very different from my usual work. Below you'll find samples of a combination of encaustic (wax), found objects, box art, collage, 3-D objects, as well as hand drawn and painted images. On occasion I also like to incorporate the use of song lyrics, puns, satire, and social commentary. Please click image to see enlarged view.
"Cowboy Kid" © Rick Wheeler, 2010
"Abraham 2" © Rick Wheeler, 2013
"Jesse James" © Rick Wheeler, 2013
mixed media art
"Portrait of the Artists: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera" © Rick Wheeler, 2004
portraits of frida kahlo, box art, nicho of frida
"Mexican Icon: Frida Kahlo" © Rick Wheeler, 2003
scratchboard portrait of zapata, art of zapata, mixed media, art of mexican icons
"Mexican Icon: Zapata" © Rick Wheeler, 2003
3D art, mixed media, assemblage
"Toucan" © Rick Wheeler, 2007
3 dimensional art. mixed media
"Sonoran Desert Trail" © Rick Wheeler, 2005
mixed media, found object art
"Elephant Head" © Rick Wheeler, 2006
"Ladder to the Stars" © Rick Wheeler 2001
3D assemblage, hand painted weird art stuff
"Ladder to the Stars #2: Sonoran Nights" © Rick Wheeler, 2002
illustrating myths, plays on words
"Venus on the Half Shell" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
mixed media art, encaustic, found objects art
"Of Trees" © Rick Wheeler, 2010
"Fall" © Rick Wheeler, 2013
encaustic, mixed media
"Mesquite" © Rick Wheeler, 2010
mixed media art, 3D assemblage
"Disney Daze (Liberty Street side)" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
art of collectibles
"Disney Daze" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
"Disney Daze (Frontierland side)" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
"Bird Life" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
"Landscape" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
"Beyond the Sea" © Rick Wheeler, 2010
mixed media, 3D assemblage
"Box Canyon 2: Frog Ecology" © R. Wheeler, 2000
mixed media, 3D assemblage
Box Canyon 4: Lizard Love (and other tails of romance)" © Rick Wheeler, 2005
3D mixed media art
"Gabby Hayes" © Rick Wheeler, 2009
"Yo-yo Dreams of Jack Rabbit" © Rick Wheeler, 2002
mixed media, 3D art, shrines, boxes
"Bats at Night" © Rick Wheeler, 1996
"Day of the Dead: Dino Rock" © Rick Wheeler, 1999
mixed media, incorporating words in images
"Windows" © Rick Wheeler, 2002
art as social commentary
"Small World, Getting Smaller" © Rick Wheeler, 2003
"A 50's Kid: Cowboy Reveries" (exterior), © Rick Wheeler 1998
collage, mixed media, assemblage, nostalgia, western themes
"A 50's Kid: Cowboy Reveries" (interior) © Rick Wheeler 1998
"Desert Trash Series: The Old Man Needs a New Suit" © Rick Wheeler, 2012
"Desert Trash Series: Entanglement Theory" © Rick Wheeler, 2012
"Desert Trash Series: Road to Nowhere" © Rick Wheeler, 2012